Our Products

Eternity Infocom Pvt Ltd offers a range of innovative, engineered, water storage tanks. Our Products are considered as the ideal value for money solutions when it comes to water. storage solutions for all types of industry and institutions. 

Our water tanks are being used across India in diverse applications including furnaces, food processing plants, distilleries, hotels, municipalities, defence establishments, as part of ETP (effluent treatment plants) to name a few.

Our range of Products includes:

Zincalume Steel water tank for factories- The easy transportation and installation on top of steel structures, building roofs and concrete or steel platforms, ensures our water storage tanks are used in factories across India.

Corrugated steel water tank- Zincalume corrugated steel sheets are used in manufacturing these tanks, the corrugation ensuring optimum strength for each steel sheet panel.

Fire Fighting water storage tank- Accepted as the best solution for storing water used in fire fighting systems, these tanks are used across warehouses, and other institutions, establishments across India.

Bolted panel water tank- These water tanks are transported in parts and bolted together to create the water tank at the client location. The panel bolting system ensures the water tanks are made as per your volume and space availability.

Water tanks in food processing plants- The custom made bag that stores the water in the steel water tank can also be made using material that meets the requirements of Food processing plants. Presently our water tanks are being used in several food processing plants and distilleries.

Raw water storage tanks- Our water storage tanks are recommended by leading solution providers when storing raw water is required for plants and machines in foundries, furnaces etc.

As a leading zincalume steel water storage tank manufacturer, Eternity Infocom Pvt Ltd is committed to providing you with the best quality a Products and unmatched service for your water storage requirements. Contact us today to discuss your requirements with our experts.