Company Profile

Eternity Infocom Pvt Ltd.

Eternity Infocom Pvt Ltd was incorporated in January, 2007. The company management has diverse and extensive experience in both manufacturing and service sector, covering national as well as international markets.

Eternity Infocom Pvt Ltd has multiple business verticals including Zincalume Steel Panel Modular Water Tanks with reinforced fabric Liners. These water tanks are unique in many ways and are replacing traditional concrete, steel and plastic water tanks throughout India.

We have supplied these water tanks all the way from Jammu to Kerala, Andaman Islands, Assam to Gujarat. Our assembly crews have successfully carried out installations across India and Nepal. Our commitment covers every aspect including manufacturing, assembling and testing of these water tanks, ensuring complete customer satisfaction and peace of mind at every step of this journey..

These steel panel water tanks are being used across multiple domains covering industries, foundries, warehouses, municipalities, distilleries, food processing units, educational institutes, hospitals, financial establishments, defence installations, airports, housing societies, malls, hotels, resorts, hospitality sectors and many more.

The versatility offered by these custom made tanks ensures that can be put in just about any place. We have carried out successful installations of these water tanks on steel structures, concrete platforms, roof tops, at ground level, in basements and even inside rooms!

What's more, the reinforced fabric liner that is put inside the steel tank, for holding the liquid and ensuring water proof storage, is custom made for your tank. The liner can be made keeping in mind the type of liquid you are storing. This is the major reason why these water tanks are being used for storing water etc for diverse requirements including fire water tanks, drinking water storage, RO treated water storage, water used in distilleries, normal borewell water etc.

Since these liquid storage tanks are transported in component form and assembled by our technician at site, it is extremely convenient to ship them across India and assemble them in any location.

If you are looking for an economically priced as well as value for money liquid storage solution, then please do share your requirements with us and we will showcase how our water tanks will be the best choice for your project.

Zincalume Steel water tank

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Fire fighting water storage tank

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