Fire Water Tank

Fire Water Tank

Fire water tanks Manufacturers are a mandatory requirements in any project. Bigger warehouses, factories, hospitals, commercial buildings etc. need to ensure adequate water is readily available in Fire Water Tank. The fire fighting system they put in place also needs to meet the criteria set by local fire departments. The Zincalume Steel Fire Water Tank that we provide is used in projects ranging from warehouses, hospitals, factories, foundries, municipalities etc. We have provided water tanks for fire fighting systems across India.

Generally, the fire fighting tanks installed by us are ranging from 5000 Liters to 5 Lakh Liters.

Many a times, multiple tanks are made and assembled such that they are interconnected to accommodate the water storage volume requirement set by the fire department for a particular project. Since our water tanks can be made to match the shape and space available, this system is used by many projects to make the most of available space.

The unique advantages offered by our Fire Water Tank are:

  • Quick assembly
  • Made as per space available
  • Value for money, much cheaper than others per liter for large volume tanks

Get in touch with us to explore how our unique Fire Water Tank Suppliers can help you complete the fire fighting requirements for your project in less time and more cost efficient manner.