Industrial Water Storage Tank

Industrial Water Storage Tank

We have installed Industrial Water Storage Tanks Manufacturers of upto 5 Lakh Liters at various locations across India. Business owners and consultants prefer our Zincalume Water Tanks over other types of tanks as we have earned a reputation of delivering quality products and service while maintaining delivery timelines etc. Our tanks are used across multiple industries in India as these are transported in component form and then assembled together at site. Our expert technicians ensure perfect installation and are present at the site for tank water testing and approved by the plant incharge.

As these tanks are bolted together using Hot Dip Galvanised Fasteners, the tanks have the unique advantage of being disassembled and moved to another location if required.

Another reason for these tanks being preferred by industries is that the liner inside that stores the liquid can be changed to match the pH of the liquid being stored.This increases the versatility of these tanks tremendously. We have successfully installed these tanks for storing water used in Distilleries and also RO treated water used in Food Packaging & Processing Industries.

Some major reasons why people choose us for Industrial Water Storage Tank

  • The cost per liter is far lesser than other material water tanks
  • Time required for installation is less
  • The tanks can be dismantled and moved to another location
  • Liquids of varying pH can be stored in the water tanks.

If you are looking for a cost effective and practical solution for Industrial Water Storage Tank Suppliers, then please get in touch and discuss your expectations with us today.