Fire Fighting Water Storage Tank

Fire Fighting Water Storage Tank

Our water tanks are being used as Fire Fighting Water Storage Tanks Manufacturers in Delhi. Our steel panel water tanks are most suitable for being used in fire fighting systems. The convenience of installing large size nozzles of large dimensions can be accommodated with ease when setting up these tanks. The minimal maintenance proves to be another big advantage when using out corrugated sheet water tanks.

These Fire Fighting Water Storage Tanks are made using Zincalume coated steel sheets, which enhances it's rust free life manyfold when compared to most other sheets. This proves a big advantage in ensuring that these water tanks serve their purpose of storing water for decades.

Some useful points to keep in mind when going in for our water tanks:

  • Low cost per liter for large size water tanks
  • Quick assembly 
  • Long life
  • Made using best in class material

If you are looking for large size fire fighting water storage tanks suppliers, do discuss your project details with us and we are confident of offering you the best solution possible.